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The doom and gloom of the international break…

The dreaded international break is upon us once more. Club mangers hate it, fans are bored of it, and weekend seems emptier with it. I must say that I have grown to despise the international break that little bit more every time it comes. The prospect of no club football for a week and a half is enough to drive me to pull the hairs out of my head.

International friendlies or WC/Euro qualifiers are boring. There’s no two ways about about it. France vs Albania? Montenegro vs England? We have to endure games such as these before we can watch Liverpool vs United. I know there are some out there who actually love international footy. However I don’t! Unless were at the summer tournaments, I’m not wowed by them. Imagine watching your team playing awfully the having to wait 2 weeks to seem them bounce back? The same opposing player you were insulting on Saturday, will be the same one you will be rooting for tonight. Imagine hearing your star striker (cue Robin Van Persie) picker up an injury during a friendly game, and will now be out for 6 months. Spare a thought for Dean Ashton. The guy was never the same again after picking up an injury on international duty. I guess international football is just one of those things you have to endure, just like pre-season football.

Anyway, enjoy Montenegro - England or whatever match you’ll be watching tonight.

By @YannickHPP

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